Injury Finance | The leader in providing injured individuals with access to high-quality medical care while driving new business to healthcare providers, and allowing law firms to operate more efficiently | Car Accidents. Dog Bites. Slip and Falls. Personal Injury.

Provider Services

Injury Finance will help you increase patient volume.

  • Expand your practice with patients that need medical care on a lien - without you being required to hold the lien yourself.

You won't have to risk late, or non-payment.

  • By contracting into our extensive provider network, you'll never incure any risk, overhead, or headaches. We'll take on those challenges and risk instead.

You won't have to turn away patients who need to be treated on a lien.

  • With no additional expenses or risks, our healthcare factoring program allows you to treat patients who, without our agreement to factor their lien, would not have access to the necessary treatment for their recovery.

How It Works

The I/F Advantage

Once you become part of the Injury Finance Network, your practice is given more opportunities for growth through referrals, and the ability to have us purchase the liens for patients without health insurance coverage.

Continue to treat all patients at your customary billing rate while knowing that Injury Finance has agreed to purchase those bills at a predetermined, contractual rate.

Without the risk of late, or non-payment, you will submit billing to us, and expect to receive payment within 30 days.

With all of our clients, we manage the lien without interfering with the treatment, so you remain in control of all medical decisions at all times.
Our skilled team of medical and legal experts understand the demands of your practice, and the demands of the attorneys who represent your patients.

By offering excellent customer service throughout the treatment process, we work to bridge the gap between uninsured, or underinsured patients, and your effective treatment.